Neutral Case Evaluation: An Alternative To Litigation

During divorce, child custody and support disputes, parties often fight about every dollar and refuse to agree on even minor issues. What results is a long, expensive and emotionally draining legal battle that is toxic to parenting relationships and harmful to minor children.

The courts recognize this. In an attempt to resolve this problem — and reduce the involvement of an already overburdened court system — many judges order parties to attempt to resolve their issues through alternative means, such as neutral case evaluation.

During neutral case evaluation, the court appoints a neutral third party to review the case, facilitate discussion and guide negotiations. After engaging in this process, many parties are able to reach an agreement, without the time, expense and stress of litigation.

A Court-Appointed Facilitator

The courts have lists of attorneys qualified to act as alternative dispute facilitators. I, Andrea Hirsch, am one of these attorneys.

My expertise in collaborative law and mediation is of great benefit during neutral case evaluation. I use these skills to not only provide clients with a realistic assessment of their cases, but also to help individuals take off the gloves and resolve their disputes through discussion and collaboration.

In addition to court-appointed cases, I also act as a resource for other lawyers. When family law disputes become contentious and hotly contested, attorneys often enlist me to perform a neutral case evaluation and provide an opinion on the probable outcome if litigated. These opinions are powerful tools during settlement negotiations.

What Is A Neutral Case Evaluation?

A neutral case evaluation is a completely confidential procedure. Each party submits a confidential Settlement Statement, along with a summary of the facts and their legal arguments. As the neutral third party, I evaluate these documents, and any relevant case files, to identify the sticking points and provide an opinion on how these issues should be resolved.

The parties then meet with me to discuss their issues and my recommendations. The goal of this discussion is to reach an agreement that is accepatble to both parties.

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