Mediation: An Alternative Approach To Dispute Resolution

Mediation is another alternative for divorcing couples. Sometimes collaborative divorce is not the best option for clients. Perhaps feelings run too high or the parties are too far apart on big issues. Collaborative divorce cannot work when one party simply is not interested in engaging in the process.

When engaged to help clients mediate their divorce, I work as a neutral mediator with both parties. My role as mediator is to facilitate communications; help identify your needs and interests; and craft a durable agreement that works for you and your family.

You can choose to go to mediation to resolve all or just some of your issues. The number of mediation sessions required depends on the issues involved and the individual circumstances of the case.

You and your spouse may also engage your own independent legal counsel to provide advice as the mediation proceeds.
Mediation generally takes less time and is more cost effective than litigation. Also, when you are able to divorce on your own terms, the agreement tends to last with less conflicts or modifications.

I have extensive training and experience in mediation. My goal is to empower couples to create satisfying and workable resolutions. My clients often find that the communication and negotiation skills they learn as I mediate their agreements serve them well to resolve issues on an ongoing basis as they arise in the future.