Helping You Through Divorce

The end of a marriage can be one of the most painful events in a person's life. You've spent years building a life together; now that life must be divided. The lawyer you choose to represent you through the divorce process should be someone you can trust to protect your interests, while being sensitive to you and your children's emotional well-being.

For almost 20 years, I — attorney Andrea Hirsch — have been helping clients navigate this difficult time in their lives. I will handle every aspect of your divorce — including property division, spousal support issues, child custody and support — with skill and dedication.

Prior to opening my firm, I practiced with some of the leading law firms in Washington, D. C. I have been continually recognized for my skilled representation by my peers, my former clients and the legal community at large.

Answering Your Questions About Divorce

If you are going through a divorce, you probably have many questions: What will happen to my house? How often will I see my children? How will divorce impact my business or my ability to retire?

I can give you answers. I will sit down with you, review your situation and explain the paths available to you during a free consultation. I won't make false promises — I will provide realistic legal advice you can rely upon.

Focused On Your Family

When divorce is uncontested — meaning the couple agrees on all major issues and there are no minor children — the process can be handled quite quickly and with little cost. However, most divorces do not follow this path.

Couples often disagree on property division and spousal support. When minor children are involved, custody disputes can quickly turn heated.

When representing clients during divorce, my first goal is to find the best solution for the entire family —without sacrificing your rights. That is why I always attempt to resolve disputes out of court, through negotiation and settlement. I also offer a collaborative law practice.

However, some family law disputes cannot be solved out of the courtroom. I am a skilled trial lawyer with extensive litigation experience. When litigation is necessary, I am prepared.

Divorce is a painful and challenging process. You don't have to go it alone. For help navigating the process call 202-480-2160 or contact me online.