The Benefits Of Collaborative Law

Collaborative law offers individuals a more respectful, family-focused path to dispute resolution. While the collaborative process provides many advantages, its chief benefits are threefold: First, it produces results that benefit the entire family. Second, it eliminates opposition. Third, it keeps you in control.

Finding Mutually Beneficial Solutions

During litigation, it often feels as if there is a winner and a loser, and the needs and feelings of minor children can be overlooked. During the collaborative process, parties work together to reach agreements both sides can live with. Financial and mental health professionals, and parenting and child specialists, are often enlisted to evaluate and advise clients. The result is solutions that benefit the entire family.

Removing The Threat Of Litigation

Litigation is, by nature, contentious. It positions parties against each other, making them feel as if there can only be one winner. Collaborative law takes the threat of litigation off of the table.

When parties use collaborative law, they must agree to resolve their disputes without going to court. If, at the end of the process, an agreement has not been reached, both parties must retain new counsel.

Staying In Control Of The Outcome

Judges have their own philosophies and ways of examining disputes. They also have very little personal knowledge of you, your finances or your children. The determinations they make regarding property division, support and custody may not be the best solutions for your family.

Collaborative law keeps you in control. You make the decisions. While the law still acts as a guide, you have much more control over the details.

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