Collaborative Practice: The Path To Family-Focused Solutions

There are many types of legal proceedings where the defendant needs to have his or her day in court. In divorce cases, it is more likely to be about two people who have built a life together and are now going through a painful separation.

Litigation can be long, stressful, very expensive, and often result in a judgment that seems impersonal at best and sometimes frightfully arbitrary. There is another way.

At The Law Firm of Andrea Hirsch, I — attorney Andrea Hirsch — use collaborative Practice to help my clients find mutually beneficial solutions that are focused on the family.

When using collaborative practice, the goal is not to beat the other side. The goal is to heal your past and build your future.

What Is Collaborative Practice?

Collaborative practice is an approach that spares a couple — and any minor children — the confrontational approach of litigation, while avoiding the creation of new emotional scars and exacerbating the bitterness that is often unavoidable in a divorce or separation.

Collaborative practice starts with a commitment by the parties to use their best efforts to reach an out-of-court settlement. It is a team-based approach in which each party has a lawyer to provide education about the law and support to help them create interest-based solutions.

Along with their lawyers, each party can call on other trained professionals — such as financial experts, real estate appraisers and collaboratively trained mental health professionals — to help them cope with the anger and bitterness that can accompany divorce. Child specialists are often used to provide the team with feedback on how the children are coping with the divorce.

Solutions Tailored To Your Family

The law offers one path to dispute resolution. Many people find court rulings to be impersonal, not accurately reflecting the realities of their family.

Solutions reached through collaboration are often more creative, taking into consideration economic, familial and emotional factors. The end result is highly personalized, unique solutions that fit your family's needs.

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