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Since 1996, individuals in Washington, D.C., and Maryland have turned to me — attorney Andrea Hirsch — for help with divorce, child custody, support and other family law issues. As a skilled litigator, trained mediator and a leader in collaborative law, I have the tools to help clients resolve their most contentious family law disputes.

Finding Common Ground

Having the right lawyer by your side not only impacts the outcome of your case but the manner in which your case is handled. Some attorneys fan the flames, litigating each and every point no matter how emotionally and financially draining. That is not the approach I take when handling your family law issue.

While I am always focused on protecting your interests, I am also cognizant of the effect an approach takes on the entire family. It is my true belief that family law disputes are better handled out of court. Whenever possible, I use negotiation, mediation or collaborative processes to find solutions that benefit the entire family. However, if litigation is required, I am always prepared for trial.

A Leader In Collaborative Law

I have committed much of my time to expanding collaborative law offerings in D.C. and Maryland. I am a founding member of the Collaborative Dispute Resolution Professionals as well as a founding member of the DC Academy of Collaborative Professionals. I am also a member of the Maryland Collaborative Practice Council and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. In 2010, I became co-founder and principal of the Collaborative Practice Center of Greater Washington, where I now have my office.

For more information about my legal and educational background, please refer to my biography linked below.

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